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Date : 2018-05-04来源:Unknown

Street lighting is an indispensable public facility in people's daily life. It is understood that the current lighting power consumption accounts for about 15% of the total.


In the face of the tense situation of power supply, the traditional LED energy saving can not meet the needs of a wide range of electricity saving, and manual control, street patrol is also a need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources.


More efficient management tools and energy saving programs have become the focus of management.


Currently on the market for LED driver power management, LED lamps excellent intelligent energy-saving monitoring solutions can be described as rare.



【Existing problems】


1.Manual, light control, clock control: vulnerable to seasonal, weather, natural environment and human factors, often when the light is not bright, the time out, resulting in energy waste and financial burden.


2.Can not remotely modify the switch light time: can not be based on the actual situation (weather change, major events, festivals) in time to school and modify the switch light time, can not be LED light dimming, can not achieve two energy-saving.


3.The lamp monitoring does not have fault basis mainly from the inspection personnel to report and complaints from the public, lack of initiative, timeliness and reliability, real time, street running condition can not accurately monitor the.


4.Ordinary manual inspection: the management of the lack of unified scheduling ability, can only be one by one distribution cabinet as a unit to adjust, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also increase the possibility of human error operation.


5.The equipment is easy to lose: unable to locate the fault can not be accurately found stealing cable, theft and lamp circuit, once the above situation will bring huge economic losses, and affect people's normal life and travel safety.


Therefore, the two energy saving obvious, intelligent management of outdoor lighting program has become a hot spot of street management.